4. Do not judge people based on their look.

    I saw a girl that used to be at my school and a good friend of mine to share this on facebook:https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/10371621_526672964144636_8137165601090496157_n.jpg?oh=3c6112cbbafbdbc3c90c4a28c3c1a5a4&oe=54B87ED9&__gda__=1417978035_73ea442b0be91a57d9fa3df0b10eefe6

     I felt dissapointed the way parents do, when their children do such things. Her defence was, that her government was also against these people, but a government cannot and should not tell people what to believe, it is created to work for the good of people, not to dictate their lives. So here is my message to her, and for all others, willing to judge people based on religion or ethnicity. 
     The fact that one muslim is a terrorist, or that ten or a hundred muslims are terrorists, does NOT mean that all muslims are terrorists, in fact there are just as many christians who are terrorists or serial killers, as there are muslims. I know some muslims, I have muslim friends (yeah, ones that wear hidjab as well), and they honestly are one of the best people I know, more tolerant and generous than most christians I know. No, I am not a muslim. 

    Wearing hidjabs, niqabs and buqas is part of their culture, part of who they are. And it is their choice what to wear, as it is mine, and nobody should judge them based on what they put on their heads, as nobody judges me based on what I wear on my head. It takes courage to go out with a hidjab on your head, because people judge you. I wore a hidjab once for a class, and my classmates took photos of me and laugh at me (knowing that I am not muslim, and that it is only due to my presentation on Islam), I cannot even imagine what does it mean to go out with it, to spend a day with it, having all people looking at you, judging you. So next time when you judge someone, try to imagine what it is to be on their place, imagine their live. For not all muslim women have the rights I do, and not all of them choose the hidjab, some did not have a choice, and we ought them at least society to look at them the way it does to any average woman, as an equal to other women instead of thread to society.

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  6. A girl at my school wrote and posted this around the campus, and honestly I wish I had the idea myself. 

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  9. Me inside an empty fountain in Panagurishte, Bulgaria.

  10. The awesomeness of finding your own legs on tumblr :) 

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